EXCLUDED – Big anger from Nadine Morano in LR headquarters this Wednesday for the Europeans

17 April 2024 / Radouan Kourak

As the European elections approach, agitation reigns within the Republicans. The race to constitute the list of candidates is in full swing, and the party is faced with complex internal challenges. The deadline for submitting nomination papers is May 17 at 18:00 p.m., leaving parties one month to finalize their selections and refine their electoral strategy.

At the heart of this turmoil is Nadine Morano, a former minister and outgoing MEP, whose actions and statements continue to generate attention and controversy within her political family. Morano has long been a key figure in the party, but his relations with the current leadership, in particular with Eric Ciotti, have been marked by tensions in recent days.

During a visit to party headquarters this Wednesday morning, Morano launched scathing criticism of the composition of the list, declaring: “We are campaigning only with strangers, a little professor, a farmer and a general, no one cares”. These incisive and contemptuous words demonstrate his frustration with the choices of François-Xavier Bellamy's first two running mates. Céline Imart, a farmer from Tarn, known for her union commitment, and General Christophe Gomart are respectively second and third on the list.

Additionally, tensions between Morano and Eric Ciotti have been palpable for some time. Ciotti, the party president, and Morano had public and private disagreements, leading to a rift in their relationship. Morano has expressed his displeasure on several occasions, openly criticizing Ciotti for his leadership style and political decisions. A recent incident illustrates these tensions: during a campaign trip by Eric Ciotti and François-Xavier Bellamy to Menton on the subject of border protection, she decided to insert herself into the delegation without being invited. The incident annoyed Ciotti, who did not even bother to mention it in front of the press, thus underlining the extent of the rift between him and Morano.

In addition, Nadine Morano also expressed her feeling in front of several LR executives concerning the place of Malika Sorel on the National Rally list, carried by Jordan Bardella. She suggested that she should have been in that position., but declined Bardella's offers. These comments suggest a certain unease within the party and fuel rumors about a possible joining of Morano to the National Rally list.

Very upset, Morano no longer hides her anger towards Eric Ciotti. Worse still, she expresses it strongly within the headquarters of the right-wing party, “Eric Ciotti is a little guy, who thinks he is the President of the Republic, he is going to get out”, she chanted, still in a state of anger this Wednesday morning.

Already credited with a high internal probability to make the list, Morano makes no secret of her burning desire to secure an eligible spot, specifically aiming for the fourth position. However, his ambitions are accompanied by harsh criticism of the party leadership, fueling internal tensions.

Faced with this tense climate, the party leadership finds itself in a delicate position. On the one hand, Morano represents an influential figure within the party, capable of mobilizing a loyal internal base of support. On the other hand, his controversial actions and statements risk compromising the unity and cohesion of the party at a crucial moment in the electoral campaign.

Morano's mood swings only accentuate the persistent climate of tension within the Republicans, fearing a crushing defeat in the European elections. However, she is not alone in the internal struggle to secure an eligible roster spot, amid uncertainty over whether she will be able to achieve a satisfactory score. Among those eagerly awaiting their position on the list are Julien Aubert, Guilhem Carayon, Geoffroy Didier and Brice Hortefeux.

A party executive confided to Interview the crucial importance of the 5% threshold. “Exceeding this threshold is our objective; maintaining the 8 current elected officials would be considered a victory. But achieving a score above 10% would be a huge victory, as if we scored 100%. », he told us. The internal pressure to avoid falling below 5% is therefore tangible, because this threshold is vital not only to send elected officials to the European Parliament, but also to save the honor of the party.