EXCLUDED INTERVIEW – The documents of the court decision on the exclusion of LR from Eric Ciotti

15 June 2024 / Interviews

Entrevue has exclusively obtained the report of the court decision opposing Eric Ciotti to the Republican dissidents regarding the validity of the exclusion of the President pronounced by the political office.

The court finally ruled. According to him, the exclusion of the President from the Republicans is non-compliant with the party's statutes, and is therefore invalidated. Eric Ciotti therefore retains his status as President.

Since the President of the Republic's decision to dissolve the national assembly on June 9, the political world has witnessed numerous developments, including the question of the validity of the agreement between the national gathering and Eric Ciotti's party.

If the left-wing coalition of the new Popular Front is now established, the right-wing alliance still left some doubt.

After the announcement of the negotiations between Eric Ciotti and Jordan Bardella, LR executives launched a procedure for the dismissal of the President of the party. Despite the pressure and against the advice of a majority of the established barons, Eric Ciotti appeared calm despite the tremors and internal pressures.

A large part of the political class remained hanging on the lips of the court, which ultimately ruled in favor of the deputy from Alpes-Maritimes.
Eric Ciotti should therefore be able to keep the Republican brand and logo for the nominations. The future of the Republicans is uncertain, but the future of the feathered hats seems compromised within their own political family.

Stay tuned…

Lionel de La Roche