EXCLUDED INTERVIEW – Discover Eric Ciotti’s exclusion letter from the Republicans

12 June 2024 / Radouan Kourak

While a political office was initially to be held at the Republican headquarters at 15:00 p.m. to record the definitive exclusion of their president Éric Ciotti after the announcement of his agreement with the National Rally, an unexpected twist took place: the party headquarters is closed. Despite this closure, the political office has been relocated elsewhere and will be held as planned at 15 p.m.

Entrevue has exclusively obtained the letter on which the members of the Republican political office will rule this afternoon. Here are the main elements of this crucial correspondence.

In a letter addressed to Éric Ciotti, it is mentioned that, during his appearance on the 13 p.m. television news, he declared his intention to rally the Republicans to the National Rally for the legislative elections of June 30 and July 7. This initiative was judged to be a flagrant violation of the party's statutes. As president of the Movement, Ciotti has extensive powers to represent the party in all acts of civil life, but he cannot make political decisions without the approval of national authorities.

The National Council, according to article 23.2 of the statutes, is the body which decides on the political orientations of the Movement. In addition, article 24.2 stipulates that the Political Bureau ensures the direction of the Movement between sessions of the National Council. Therefore, Ciotti's individual decision of June 11, 2024 to engage the entire Republican political family with the National Rally is in violation of the statutes. This offense justifies the exercise by the Political Bureau of its power of sanction, as provided for in article 5.1 of the Internal Regulations.

The letter also specifies that, following this sanction, Éric Ciotti is permanently excluded from the Republicans. Consequently, the presidency of the Movement will be ensured by the Deputy Vice-President, until the organization of new internal elections. In the absence of appointment of a Deputy Vice-President, the Secretary General, Annie Genevard, will assume this role.

Finally, given the urgency imposed by the electoral calendar and the dissolution of the National Assembly pronounced by the President of the Republic on June 9, the National Investiture Commission currently in place will be renewed. This commission is appointed before each national election by the National Council, on a proposal from the Political Bureau, in accordance with article 39.1 of the statutes.

In conclusion, the Political Bureau will be held without waiting for the maximum period of eight days provided for in article 23.1 of the Internal Regulations. Éric Ciotti does not have the statutory power to oppose this meeting, requested by a quarter of the members of the National Council.

The situation for the Republicans is therefore particularly tense. Eric Ciotti's decision to join the National Rally created a shock wave within the party, which seems determined to take drastic measures to reaffirm its statutes and its political independence. Interview continues to monitor this matter closely and will keep you informed of the latest developments.