EXCLUDED – Ayem accused of kidnapping her son: the child’s father testifies!

04 December 2023 / Jerome Goulon

This is an exclusive file to be found in the new issue ofInterviews, currently on sale. Ayem, ex-reality TV star, is accused by Vincent Miclet of having kidnapped their son Ayvin. And the legal clouds are gathering above her! The battle for custody of the son that the ex-reality TV starlet had with her former companion, businessman Vincent Miclet, is not calming down and could take a very embarrassing turn for the young woman. Interviews investigated for several weeks to disentangle the truth from the false in this war between the mother and the father, particularly before the French and Moroccan courts. Vincent Miclet, usually discreet in the media, exclusively opened the doors of his private life to Interviews in a process of transparency. His residence in Marrakech, where he received us, has become the setting for a legal saga where every detail is meticulously examined by the press. His counsel, Maître Caroline Wassermann, also gave us an interview to explain the legal issues of the case. On the other hand, for her part, Ayem Nour, through her lawyer, categorically refused to answer our questions. Ayem then told us that she did not want to respond to our requests “to preserve the balance of her son and his new life”, adding that she would respond “in due time”. Of which act.

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