Europeans: Renaissance candidate Ambroise Mejean unemployed during the campaign

17 May 2024 / Interviews

The campaign of Valérie Hayer, Macronist candidate in the European elections, is going through an area of ​​turbulence after the broadcast of a video involving Ambroise Méjean, the president of “Young People with Macron” (JAM) and 20th on the presidential majority list. In this sequence, viewed thousands of times on TikTok and relayed on compensation. This statement sparked strong reactions, particularly from political opponents on the left and the National Rally (RN).

The RN deputy Thomas Ménage severely criticized this situation on social networks, recalling that the previous month, Gabriel Attal denounced the “voluntary unemployed”. Ménage was outraged to see a candidate on the Macronist list, a former ministerial advisor, receiving unemployment benefits while campaigning, a situation seen as a misuse of the law at the expense of the taxpayer.

Faced with the growing controversy, the twentieth on the list published a press release on his X account. He explains that he left his job in January 2024 following a ministerial reshuffle, after four years of professional activity. Registered with France Travail, he specifies that he continues to actively look for a job and respects all the obligations of job seekers, including attending all required interviews and training.

Ambroise Méjean also justified the amount of his compensation, emphasizing that it is a standard calculation based on his previous income. He concluded by indicating that there is no guarantee of his election on June 9, reinforcing his position as an active job seeker.

This controversy comes at a delicate moment, while the government is planning the announcement of a new unemployment insurance reform, temporarily delayed by riots in New Caledonia. Political adversaries use polemics to criticize the coherence of government policies on unemployment, adding additional pressure on Valérie Hayer's campaign which is struggling to find momentum.