Eric Ciotti returns as prince of the Alpes-Maritimes

15 June 2024 / Interviews

After his crazy week of standoff with the right-wing pundits which ended with his retention as President of the Republicans, the deputy for the Alpes Maritimes went to his constituency to begin his campaign. LR voters in the South-East are undoubtedly quite favorable to its alliance with the RN, itself very popular in the region.

Images have also circulated, including this video of a sympathizer who warmly shakes his hand, calling him: “Mr Ciotti, fuck them all! »:

The President of LR rose at lightning speed to the hearts of right-wing voters, reaching 45% favorable opinions among the voters of Eric Zemmour and Marine le Pen according to an Elabe poll for Les Echos, progressing by 19 points in 24 hours and even surpassing Eric Zemmour. Conversely, according to the same survey, Laurent Wauquiez fell by 13 points with this electorate after having condemned Eric Ciotti's agreement with the National Rally.

Also, according to the Epoka barometer, 63% of LR supporters are in favor of an agreement with the RN. If the news on the right has calmed down a little since the judgment on the ousting of Eric Ciotti, it is undoubtedly for the best, when we observe in contrast the different reversals of the situation on the left.

Lionel of La Roche