Entrevue celebrates its new formula during an evening at the Senate!

08 December 2023 / Jerome Goulon

Wednesday evening, the magazine Interviews celebrated its brand new formula with great fanfare, during an evening organized at the Senate restaurant. Freshly bought by Omar Harfouch, the monthly, created in 1992 by Thierry Ardisson, is making its revolution, with a spectacular change, both in form and content.
To celebrate the very latest issue, on sale since December 1, the new owner of the magazine wanted to make an impression. A successful bet, since the businessman had invited his guests to a place that impressed more than one: the Napoléon lounge, located in the Senate restaurant. An event made possible thanks to Nathalie Goulet, senator from Orne, interviewed this month in the monthly for the release of her new book, and who agreed to receive the team ofInterviews and his guests at the Senate restaurant.

To celebrate this event, co-organized by Pierre-Alexandre Zucca and Pierre-Emmanuel Metz, many personalities, journalists, and media professionals were present. Starting with Laurent Baffie, who appears on the cover ofInterviews this month, and who played his “sniper” skills throughout the evening to the delight of the guests, who were not spared by his always striking jokes.
Another notable guest: Gilles Verdez, who came with his wife Fatou. At the start of the evening, the columnist of TPMP! had surprised everyone by announcing live to Cyril Hanouna that he was going to the Senate for the launch evening of the new formula ofInterviews. An announcement which did not fail to surprise and amuse the star host of C8, who like many, did not expect thatInterviews organizes an event in such a prestigious location.

Other personalities or journalists present around Omar Harfouch, his wife, Yulia Harfouch and Jérôme Goulon, editor-in-chief of the magazine: Robert Ménard, the mayor of Béziers, accompanied by his wife Emmanuelle Ménard (MP for Hérault and member of the Commission on Constitutional Laws), Massimo Gargia, the famous jet-setter, imam Hassen Chalghoumi, whose imitation by Malik Bentalha created a real buzz, Bertrand Deckers and Maxime Guény, columnists on C8, Maxime Dereymez, emblematic dancer of Dance with the stars on TF1, Fabien Lecoeuvre, specialist in French song, the emblematic sports interviewer Nelson Monfort, Michel Taube, founder of opinion-internationale.com, Cyril Viguier, presenter of TV5 Monde, Thibaud Vézirian, sports journalist, Jean-Michel Cohen, the famous nutritionist, Christophe Leroy, chef, Babette de Rozières, regional councilor of Île-de-France and worthy representative of overseas cuisine, or even Billy Obam, former singer and dancer of Serge Gainsbourg...

Protocol requires, the evening ended at around 23:30 p.m., once the last session in the Senate adjourned. Given the success of this event and the unanimous opinions of the guests, who would have liked to stay a little longer, a new evening should take place soon for the launch of the next issue, in January. An issue in which you can find many photos of this party, which certainly left its mark...

Photos: Daniel Topic / Jack Tribeca for Best Image