Entrevue changes its look and moves upmarket!

01 December 2023 / Jerome Goulon

Dear readers,


The writing ofInterviews is pleased to announce that the new issue ofInterviews released this Friday 1er December, marking a new beginning!
Created in 1992 by Thierry Ardisson, the monthly, which has just been bought by Omar Harfouch, is making its revolution. Starting with a radical change, both in form and substance, as well as a move upmarket. Supported by the editor-in-chief, Jérôme Goulon, and a team of designers based in Ukraine and led by Iryna Matsepliuk, our new manager is making numerous changes from the first issue published under his direction: new layout, new sections, the magazine is enriches, and there is something for everyone: celebrity interviews, celebrity topics, paparazzi, investigations, media, politics, editorialists, news items, culture, escape... 

Contents this month: a self-interview with Laurent Baffie, who is making his comeback in the magazine. Exclusive photos of Nicolas Bedos and his pregnant partner: accused of sexual assault, the actor-director is enjoying his imminent fatherhood. Also on the program, Caroline Receveur: after her chemo, exclusive images of her weekend in London with her family. 

Another scoop: a file dedicated to Ayem: accused of having kidnapped her son, the child's father, Vincent Miclet, testifies exclusively. Interviews traveled to Marrakech, Morocco, and investigated.

On a political level, find interviews with Senator Nathalie Goulet, who reveals how the French taxpayer finances terrorism without their knowledge, and an interview with Renaissance MP Guillaume Kasbarian, who talks about his new anti-squatter law.

Also worth discovering: an interview with Aton, ex-member of the GIGN, and an interview with Bernard Valezy, who discusses the numerous disappearances in France, following the mysteries surrounding little Émile and Lina.

Also read this month in Interviews : interviews with David Beckham, Benjamin Castaldi, Massimo Gargia, Sylvain Augier and Nicolas Reyes, founder and leader of the Gipsy Kings.

And for the escape section, Interviews takes you to the gates of the North Pole, to meet the polar bears, for an exclusive report that will make you travel and dream.

Interviews new formula, on newsstands from Friday 1er December !