Donald Trump is alarmed by the alliance between Xi Jimping and Putin

18 May 2024 / Interviews

As he left the New York courtroom this Thursday, May 16, former US President Donald Trump expressed his growing concerns about the current state of the economy and recent government policies. . He notably mentioned the bad news on inflation and the economy, as well as the initiatives aimed at promoting electric vehicles. “I've seen some really bad news on inflation, on the economy, on the electric vehicle mandate, you know, how crazy it is. This will destroy our country. But I saw something today that is perhaps worse than anything…” Trump said, highlighting his concerns about the potential repercussions of these policies.

However, it is the recent meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin that seems to particularly worry Trump. “Chinese President Xi, whom I know well, and Russian President Putin, whom I know well. They're right now working together on projects where they're teaming up, where they're coming together and doing damage because that's ultimately what they're thinking about, doing damage," he said. Trump said, highlighting his fear of collaboration between the two powers.

Trump also warned that Xi Jinping had clear intentions regarding Taiwan. “Xi Jinping intends to seize Taiwan,” he stressed, recalling that Beijing has been strengthening its military pressure on the island for several years. The assertion comes as China continues to increase its military presence around Taiwan, sparking international concerns about a possible confrontation.

Vladimir Putin's visit to China, which began this Thursday, was a key moment for the strengthening of Sino-Russian relations. Putin, calling Xi Jinping a “dear friend,” arrived in Beijing amid growing geopolitical tensions. The visit comes as China is accused of significantly supporting the Russian war effort, while avoiding crossing the threshold of arms deliveries, which could provoke an even stronger reaction from Western countries. .

The two leaders, however, defended their rapprochement in the face of Western criticism. Xi and Putin presented their alliance as a factor of “stability” and “peace” in the world, despite accusations from the West which sees this alliance as a worrying sign of a new authoritarian axis. This collaboration, they say, aims to counterbalance Western influence and promote a multipolar worldview.

Trump, while facing his own legal and political challenges in the United States, continues to closely monitor international developments, highlighting the potential implications of the Sino-Russian alliance for global security and American foreign policy. His comments reflect a broader concern among Western policymakers and analysts about the emergence of new power dynamics that could reshape the current world order.

In conclusion, Trump's concerns about cooperation between Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin are not unfounded, given the potential implications for global stability. This situation highlights the importance of vigilance and strategic preparation to face the challenges posed by this emerging alliance.