Amandine Pellissard: The detail that annoys Alexandre during their porn shoots!

March 24, 2023 / Interviews

Amandine Pellissard and her husband recently announced plans to enter the adult film industry, which sparked a lot of discussion. The Pelissard family is still in the news with a little anecdote concerning Alexandre, her husband.

The little anecdote that displeases Alexandre Pellissard

Amandine Pellissard is an independent woman who has made bold life decisions. She and her husband decided to embark on a controversial career together, despite criticism and judgment from society. She also chose to have many children, despite the challenges this can pose.

Amandine Pellissard declares about her filming routine:

It starts around 22:30 p.m., minimum, but it's not, we put the phone down and we turn. No, we put the phone down around 21 p.m. and let it run, and often, nothing happens until 22:30/23 p.m. We really do things spontaneously.”

In a recent interview, Alexandre, Amandine's husband, revealed a little anecdote that he doesn't like very much during their adult film shoots. He explained that one time they started setting up to shoot a film, but Amandine had her period, which ruined the mood.

Alexander said:

Once, we wanted to do a shoot. We’re starting to settle in and everything, but she actually had her period, so that broke the craziness.”

She also revealed that she sometimes played a trick on her husband by making him believe that she was not on her period.

The life choices of Amandine Pellissard and her husband have sparked a lot of reactions from the public. Some criticized them for their decision to enter the adult film industry, while others applauded them for their courage and independence. The little anecdote concerning Amandine's periods also sparked mixed reactions.

Amandine Pellissard's controversial career choice

Photo from Amandine Pelissard’s Instagram account
Photo from Amandine Pellissard’s Instagram account

Amandine Pellissard, former key figure of the show “Large families, life in XXL”, shocked many Internet users after opening her MYM account. This mother of eight children, who has become a true influencer with 332 subscribers on her Instagram account, offers more daring photos and videos to subscribers of this platform who pay a monthly subscription. This initiative was not well received by everyone, and many Internet users criticized the young mother.

Amandine's initiative Pellissard sparked a strong reaction from many Internet users who expressed their disapproval of this decision. The criticism mainly focused on the fact that she was a mother and should set an example as a public figure.

Despite the criticism, there are also defenders ofAmandine Pellissard. Some argued that she was free to do what she wanted with her body and did not have to justify herself to others. Others said it had nothing to do with her role as a mother and that her privacy should be respected.

The controversy has generated great media attention, but it is still too early to say what the consequences will be for Amandine Pellissard. This may affect his career as a public figure, but it could also attract new followers to his MYM account.