Press conference by Emmanuel Macron: he admits his “responsibility”

12 June 2024 / Interviews

Long press conference. The Head of State wanted to take stock. Between citizens' discomfort and concerns, Emmanuel Macron has drawn up the new return sheet. Here's what you need to remember.

Four days after the surprise dissolution of the National Assembly, Emmanuel Macron appeared this Wednesday at noon in front of the press. A great explanation from the Cambon Capucines pavilion in Paris.

Following the large and expected victory of the RN in the ., who are " a major political fact that cannot be ignored », the President of the Republic sets new course. For him, " a blockage inevitably prevented the government from acting ". With a relative majority in Parliament, this made “ action less readable and did not allow us to build lasting coalitions ».

This dissolution allows things to be clarified », added Emmanuel Macron, “ the return to the sovereign people is the only republican decision ". He takes the opportunity to tackle the oppositions who have been trying to forge new alliances since Sunday evening.

The unnatural alliances ", of the " appliance crafts ». Emmanuel Macron estimate that " since Sunday evening, the masks have fallen and the battle of values ​​has come to light ". There are those who choose to make their store prosper and those who want to make France prosper ».

No to extremes, yes to dialogue. Even if he sets a course, the Head of State does not wish to lead the legislative campaign any more than in 2017 or 2022. No debate planned with Marine Le Pen before June 30. Especially since the president of the RN announced that she would only accept a face-to-face meeting if the president resigned. on the table ". Scathing response from the President of the Republic: “ I submitted twice to the suffrages of French men and women ". No question of resigning,” it's absurd ».

Faced with the scores of the far right and general concern, Emmanuel Macron admits his “ Responsibility Law » with a lack of response « quite fast and radical ". A major debate on secularism, measures to protect our children, screen addiction, he promises “ clear decisions " of the government.

In the event of election of the RN, “ access to credit will cost more, the rate for access to housing will be more expensive He promises.