Press release: Entrevue welcomes the fact that Anne Hidalgo wishes to go to court… Finally!

11 January 2024 / Interviews

Paris, le 11 janvier 2024

The direction ofInterviews learned this morning – through the press, no complaint has yet reached us – that Anne Hidalgo had mandated a lawyer to take legal action for defamation, following the publication of an investigation into her trip to Tahiti in her issue of January.

Anne Hidalgo seems to criticize Interviews to have recalled in January 2024 that information relating to the marriage of his daughter in Moorea had appeared on November 6, 2023 in the Tahitian press, also widely reported on social networks at the same period, without this information causing reaction or denial. It will be up to the court to rule within the framework of the law.

As a reminder, journalists from Tahiti Info had revealed on their site, on November 6, 2023, that Anne Hidalgo had promised them to respond to an interview on the sole condition that her “private trip for the wedding of her daughter in Moorea” was not “mentioned”. First published by Tahiti Infos, the mention of this marriage has since been curiously deleted from the site. Have Tahitian journalists received pressure from the mayor of Paris? Still, the web has a memory, and Interviews found traces of this “marriage blackmail”.

The archive of the original article can be viewed here:

In addition, the national financial prosecutor and the public prosecutor of Paris having been informed by elected officials and an anti-corruption association of several reports for embezzlement of public funds under article 40 of the code of criminal procedure concerning this trip by Anne Hidalgo in French Polynesia, the magazine Interviews has no doubt that the criminal investigation, which the prosecution will not fail to carry out, will shed light on the motivations and conditions of this controversial trip, enriching the debates during the trial that Anne Hidalgo wishes to bring against Interviews.

Interviews also notes that the mayor of Paris criticizes the magazine for the “misleading” use, on the cover, of a photo taken during the edition of Paris Plages during the summer of 2023 showing her with a crown of flowers around her neck. Bad luck for her! If Anne Hidalgo had read the investigation carefully, she could have noted that it is expressly mentioned in the magazine, in a clearly visible box, that this photo was taken on July 8, 2023 in Paris (see picture below). And for good reason: no photo exists of Anne Hidalgo's trip to Polynesia, the mayor of Paris having strangely blocked all communication around this trip. A lack of transparency that 81% of Parisians criticize, as revealed by an exclusive Ifop survey for Interviews published alongside the investigation. Before accusing us – wrongly – of wanting to deceive readers, undoubtedly to divert attention, Anne Hidalgo would do better to respond to the expectations of Parisians regarding her own lack of transparency...

Interviews notes that Anne Hidalgo is careful not to respond in substance to the 18 pages of exclusive information published by the newspaper in its January issue on the subject of “Tahiti Gate”, her management of the city of Paris and various legal cases likely to concern her...

The press release from Paris town hall: