As promised, Cédric Doumbé knocks out Willis! Pettis is next

17 May 2024 / Thibaud Vézirian

Cédric Doumbé is a man of his word. Except when he has a thorn in his side. Back in the octagon for Bellator, the big MMA show in Paris, the whimsical Doumbé did not provide details. Against the American Willis, Jaleel Willis, the fight did not even last 3 minutes 30.

As usual, upon entering, Cédric Doumbé puts the room at his feet. A genius entertainer, he seduces as much as he annoys. Barely out of the locker room, here he is, vacuum cleaner in hand cleaning the floor... Just to check for himself that no splinter will slow him down this time!

In the weeks preceding the fight, certainly less talkative than against Baki, he still promised the KO in the first round. Something promised, something due. Ultra fast sequence, Willis is cornered, the referee has no choice but to declare him TKO!

In a frenzied first round, Cédric Doumbé and Jaleel Willis go blow for blow. But going into a fight like this against Cédric “you’re dead” Doumbé is a big risk taken. Even more so when Cédric Doumbé fights at home. Under the eyes of basketball player Victor Wembanyama, won over by the show, Cédric Doumbé showed his true face.

And even if Jaleel Willis was able to put the Franco-Cameroonian on the ground, we quickly noted the superiority of theex-kickboxing star. At ease, vengeful in relation to his surprising defeat against Baki in March, Cédric Doumbé set the record straight.

Below, another image of the Doumbé show, constant entertainment. Thinking he was hit on the ground, his opponent rushed at him. The Frenchman dodges at the speed of light and gives him a big smile. Showman, arrogant, Cédric Doumbé knows that it is a double-edged sword. This evening, he delivered.

After the fight, while Cédric Doumbé was interviewed, the former UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis bursts into the ring. To challenge him! In France. Challenge accepted, Cédric Doumbé already knows his next opponent, a 37-year-old American of a completely different caliber, if he is in good shape...