CINEMA – Cillian Murphy: “I prepared for the audition for my first role while I was hitchhiking and camping in France. They sent me the script to my tent. »

18 May 2024 / Jerome Goulon

Revealed in 2002 thanks to 28 Days Later, by Danny Boyle, then became a star in 2005 thanks to Batman Begins by Christopher Nolan, Cillian Murphy achieved the ultimate recognition this year by winning the 2024 Oscar for best actor for his role in Oppenheimer, by the same Christopher Nolan. However, nothing predestined him for a great career in cinema, he who wanted to become a musician and who did not follow any training. An extraordinary destiny that the Irish actor tells us in an interview to discover in the new issue of Entrevue, currently on sale. Here is an exerpt…

Is it true that you got into comedy on a whim?
That's the idea. I was at school and in Ireland, between exam cycles, we call it a transition year, we don't do a lot of work. We can try different things. There was a theater module, I was 16 or 17 years old. The director of the Cork Theater Company came and ran the workshop with us. I had a huge crush on him. He was so cool. We improvised and did little sketches with my friends. Then I would see him in pubs in Cork city when I went out drinking or playing music. I ended up going to see a play they had put on, at a very famous nightclub in Cork City. It was the first time I saw a play. I was captivated. I then pestered to be auditioned. 

Was this your first audition?
Yes, I didn't know at all how an audition worked. I prepared the audition for my first role while I was hitchhiking and camping in France. They sent me the script to my tent. So I read it and then came back and auditioned. And I was caught! 

Did it make you forget your disappointment at not becoming a musician?
When I was doing theater, I felt a bit like I was playing music live, because of the electricity you feel with the audience. That's what I wanted from playing music, but it didn't work out. So I felt like theater was a kind of substitute. In addition, the piece was very physical, very rock'n'roll. So for me it was a great substitute.

Did you manage to make a living from comedy very early on?
No. I had long periods of unemployment in between, you know, working in bars and restaurants. It wasn’t all easy… 

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