Heartbreaking revelations from Christian Karembeu about New Caledonia: “Two members of my family are dead. They're snipers! »

27 May 2024 / Jerome Goulon

Despite the announcement from the Élysée concerning the lifting of the state of emergency established on May 15, the situation in New Caledonia remains very tense. Former international footballer Christian Karembeu returned to the conflict on Europe 1 and shared the tragedy affecting his family. The 1998 world champion revealed: “I lost family members, that’s why I stayed silent. Because I'm grieving. Two people in my family were shot in the head. »

The former Blues player also gave his opinion on the substance of the conflict, telling Jacques Vendroux: “Normally the referendum must be done every two years and recently, Paris decided to do it in 2021 instead of 2022. So there were abstentions and the fact of being able to enact this law led to this difficult reaction which I also condemn.”

Christian Karembeu also underlined the importance of dialogue by explaining: “When ideas are submitted by the State, I think it is necessary to discuss, palaver, so that the law can be digested and share what is good for the countries and for communities. »

This personal tragedy of Christian Karembeu highlights the seriousness of the events in New Caledonia…

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