“It wasn't him anymore, he left at 35kg. » The last days of the life of Philippe Gildas told by his wife at Jordan De Luxe

28 May 2024 / Jerome Goulon

This Tuesday on C8, in the show At Jordan's, Maryse Gildas, wife of Philippe Gildas, Canal+ figure who died in 2018, spoke about the last months of the life of her husband, who died at the age of 82 following kidney cancer.

During her interview, Maryse Gildas spoke about the challenges the couple had to face, remembering the doctor's words regarding the inoperability of the tumor in Philippe's left kidney, indicating: "Philippe was very tired and had a pain in his back , but not more than that. His doctor told me it had metastasized. From there, there was nothing more to do, I already knew that. He was gone in seven months. »

The widow of the ex-star of the encrypted channel also shared the emotions experienced by her husband, his moments of delirium, and the support of loved ones, in particular the intervention of Muriel Robin, saying: “He was delirious. When Muriel Robin came to see him, he was redoing Nowhere else and he took me for his assistant", before giving sad details about her husband's last days: "It was no longer him, it was his envelope. He left at 35 kilos. It's like a candle going out. He no longer ate anything. He left in his sleep. »

Find here this poignant extract from the interview with Maryse Gildas at Jordan De Luxe, this Tuesday morning on C8