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A couple having sex in the stands of a stadium (photos)
04 October 2011 / Interviews

If there are many football fans, there are also sex addicted spectators... While they were comfortably seated in the stands of the stadium...

Shock: needles in the nipples (video)
02 July 2011 / Interviews

A woman fulfilled a very special fantasy. In this video, this woman had needles stuck in her nipples. You can hear his moans...

He teaches you how to make love in the shower!
22 June 2011 / Interviews

The beautiful blonde attracts our attention more than her lessons! This American would like to teach us a lesson to learn how to make love in the shower....

Anggun in underwear for her music video
05 June 2011 / Interviews

The Indonesian singer returns to the forefront. For the title Je Partirai, Anggun pulled out all the stops. She appears in light clothing...

Lucie Bernardoni's hot clip censored (video)
08 May 2011 / Interviews

The former star-academician released an olé olé clip which has just been banned by the CSA. It was Direct 8 who dared to broadcast the video of...

Vanessa Demouy, porn actress on Arte
08 April 2011 / Interviews

A new Arte event series with Vanessa Demouy who plays an X-rated actress. In the new Arte event series, titled Xanadu, Vanessa Demouy will play a porn actress....

Fabienne Carat (Plus Belle la Vie): A very sexy new music video! (VIDEO)
04 April 2011 / Interviews

The pretty actress, “Samia” in Plus Belle La Vie has just released a new song, Stop. Fabienne Carat aka Samia who plays the role of...

Colin Farrell's sex tape!
March 11, 2011 / Interviews

Colin Farrell is a famous American actor, who has had many leading roles, including those in Minority Report and Miami Vice: Two...

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