Brigitte Lahaie had an affair with Johnny Hallyday!

27 May 2024 / Interviews

This Monday, during her appearance on the set of the show “Chez Jordan” broadcast on C8, Brigitte Lahaie surprised the public by revealing for the first time a past romantic relationship with Johnny Hallyday. This exclusive revelation from the former adult film star turned radio host has shed new light on the famous French rocker's romantic past.

“I had a relationship with Johnny Hallyday (…) This is the first time I’ve talked about it,” declared Brigitte Lahaie, marking a turning point in the show. She described this relationship as being "quite short" and limited to only two meetings. Jordan de Luxe, the host, tried to obtain more details, but Lahaie remained discreet, simply specifying: “I cannot tell more.”

Brigitte Lahaie revealed that this story took place in 1977, at a time when Johnny Hallyday was married to singer Sylvie Vartan. The two icons of French song were married in 1965 and their marriage lasted until 1980. “He was in a relationship, it was in 1977! “, she confirmed, thus emphasizing that Johnny was engaged at that time.

Despite this situation, Brigitte Lahaie expressed a very uninhibited attitude towards married men. “I've never had any problems with married men, it's none of my business. And if it's not me, it's someone else. If a married man wants to look elsewhere, he will look elsewhere,” she said. She clarified that she never had the intention of breaking up the Hallyday-Vartan couple: “I never wanted to break up their relationship.”

Brigitte Lahaie's decision to reveal this affair 47 years after the fact is accompanied by a certain restraint. “This is the first time I’ve said it. I reserve the Jordan exclusivity for you…” she confided. Despite the host's insistent questions, she chose not to expand further on the subject, out of respect for Johnny Hallyday, who died in 2017. "I won't say any more, that's enough, peace to his soul...", she declared.

Brigitte Lahaie also shared a more general reflection on her relationships with married men, citing another personal experience with René Chateau. “Besides, when I went out with René Chateau, he had a woman in his life and I never wanted him to leave her,” she explained, thus illustrating her philosophy of life based on individual freedom and respect for the choices of others.

This unexpected revelation sparked many reactions, particularly concerning the potential impact on the memory of Johnny Hallyday and on the feelings of his widow, Laeticia Hallyday. However, for Brigitte Lahaie, this story remains an episode from her past that she decided to share in complete transparency, without trying to cause controversy.

In conclusion, Brigitte Lahaie's revelation about her brief relationship with Johnny Hallyday adds a new dimension to the rocker's complex sentimental story. Despite the general surprise, Lahaie maintained a serene and respectful attitude, faithful to his personal philosophy.