Benjamin Castaldi: “I had Palmade parties” the truth about his cocaine consumption

March 02, 2023 / Interviews

Benjamin Castaldi has been familiar with the world of showbiz since his childhood, having grown up in this environment. His experience in the entertainment world has led him to speak out on the problems that celebrities can face, particularly in terms of drug addiction. Last Friday, February 28, on the set of TPMP alongside Cyril Hanouna, he denounced the hypocrisy of the industry by revealing that he himself had already consumed cocaine, while addressing the subject of Pierre Palmade's addiction to this substance.

Benjamin Castaldi denounces the hypocrisy of showbiz.

On February 10, Pierre Palmade was involved in a serious road accident, in which he hit another vehicle while moving into the left lane. The accident resulted in serious injuries to a 40-year-old man and his son, as well as a six-month pregnant woman who unfortunately lost her baby. Toxicological analyzes revealed that the comedian was driving under the influence of cocaine, a drug to which he had been addicted for several years. Since this tragic event, several personalities have spoken in the media to condemn drug use.

Benjamin Castaldi expressed his dissatisfaction with the various statements made by public figures regarding the use of drugs in show business. During the TPMP program on Tuesday, February 28, the columnist denounced the hypocrisy of certain people and their double talk on this subject. He was surprised at the way people in showbiz expressed themselves when drugs are commonplace in this environment.

He declares :

“There is still a lot of nonsense going on regarding the use of drugs in our profession.

It's true that I'm a little surprised that right-thinking gives lessons today and speaks when in this profession, it's still commonplace.

Benjamin Castaldi admits to having used cocaine:

Benjamin Castaldi, columnist for Cyril Hanouna's show TPMP on C8, denounced the hypocrisy of certain people in the show business world regarding the use of drugs. He then admitted to having himself tried to cocaine in the past and having attended parties with Pierre Palmade many years ago.

However, he said he was lucky not to fall into addiction. Benjamin Castaldi also revealed that he had seen a number of high-profile people using cocaine.

He admits in TPMP:

yes, I tested this crap

He declares on the set:

I had Palmade evenings a long time ago. And I saw a certain number of extremely well-known people, whose names I will not mention, consuming narcotics.

Benjamin Castaldi was lucky not to be addicted to drugs, despite the temptations that can exist in show business. Indeed, thanks to the support of his family, the host never gave in to this temptation. However, he stressed that drug use in this environment was a truth known to all. The large Parisian nightclubs are renowned for being places for cocaine consumption.