“Barack Obama has no balls”: Speaker suspended on Fox News

08 December 2015 / Jerome Goulon

Ralph Peters, a retired lieutenant colonel and regular speaker on Fox News, was suspended for insulting Barack Obama on air.


Renowned for having an easy tackle, Ralph Peters this time went beyond the limits for the Fox News channel. Invited by Stuart Vanney to react to Barack Obama's speech on terrorism this Sunday, the retired lieutenant colonel made virulent remarks towards the President of the United States: « Mr. President, we are not afraid, we are angry, we are furious. We want you to react but you are scared. What I mean is this guy has no balls » Peters said while the presenter, stunned, called him to order: “Ve are angry but you can't use this language on our show."

If the former soldier apologized, Fox News suspended the speaker for fifteen days. A few weeks ago, Ralph Peters had already declared that John Kerry, the secretary of state, was “ fierce as a chocolate éclair »