Aya Nakamura: Criticizing music based on race or skin color is a blatant manifestation of racism.

12 April 2024 / Interviews

In the world of music, criticism is an inevitable aspect. However, when this criticism crosses the line of tolerance and attacks artists based on their ethnicity or skin color, it becomes not only unfair but also deeply damaging. Music, as a universal art, should never be the playground for racism and discrimination.

It is essential to recognize the historical context that has unfortunately scarred the music industry with persistent racist criticism. Many artists of color have faced barriers and prejudice that have hindered their path to success. These criticisms, often based on stereotypes and prejudices, have not only harmed the careers of these artists, but have also tarnished the richness and diversity of the music itself.

The example of Aya Nakamura, whose music resonates with millions of young people around the world, perfectly illustrates the power of music as a universal language. The music reaches across cultural and ethnic boundaries, directly touching the hearts and souls of those who listen to it. Criticizing music because of the origin or skin color of the artist is not only a mark of insensitivity, but it is also a blatant manifestation of racism.

It is time to take a stand against these discriminatory attitudes and promote tolerance and respect in all areas of music. By recognizing the talent and contribution of every artist, regardless of their background, we not only enrich the music industry, but we also strengthen the bonds that unite us as human beings.

Together, let's commit to making music an inclusive space, where every voice counts and only musical quality is celebrated. This is how we can truly honor the magic and power of music in our world.