Before OM-Benfica: Supporters blame illegal double ticketing

16 April 2024 / Interviews

« For those who don't have a subscription card, the steward lets you pass like this, through the side where there is the turnstile and we enter... » The testimony is terrible. A supporter, whose voice is modified, throws everything away, to France Blue Provence, about the recurring operation of a double ticket office at the Olympique de Marseille.

24 hours before the decisive Europa League match, between OM and Benfica, in the quarter-finals of this European Cup, these revelations have the effect of a bombshell.

In certain corners of the Orange Vélodrome, often denounced by certain followers as a “State within a State” concerning the resale of subscriptions and match tickets, some supporters could come and watch the matches without even owning anything. “When the club announces 66 spectators, in truth we exceed 000”...

For this anonymous Marseille supporter, impossible to ignore this traffic which has been going on for years: « The club clearly sees that in the corners, it is fuller than the capacity of the stadium”. Before adding that OM is necessarily « aware ", « it suits them too ». Stating: “ It gives visibility, the stadium is always full. For the club, it’s always better”.

« The steward can charge 60-70 euros per person. »

A supporter – France Bleu Provence

These supporters then go into the details of this operation which seems usual: « After that, we arrive at the top of the stairs, we just pass the control, the searches, and then straight on, they open the doors for us and we enter the virage » Generalized operation in the Marseille bays? This striking testimony could provoke a reaction from groups of supporters, the club but also the authorities. Especially since this supporter doesn't stop there.

« In general, the steward can charge 60-70 euros per person. All in cash. And after the (subscription) resellers, they make arrangements with the chief stewards. And that is multiplied by 1000-2000, or even more in big matches. If we see the images, we can clearly see that there are no more spaces left in the turns, we are all stuck together, we can't breathe, it's hot but hey, it doesn't matter, it's for OMG! »