Aurélien Rousseau, former Macronist minister, candidate of the New Popular Front

15 June 2024 / Interviews

In view of the early legislative elections, the French political landscape is seeing a new dynamic emerge with the formation of the “New Popular Front”, a left-wing coalition brought together under the banner of the fight against the far right. At the heart of this initiative is Aurélien Rousseau, former Minister of Health under the Borne government, known for his crucial role in the pension reform now contested by the left.

After leaving his ministerial functions in disagreement with the immigration law supported by the presidential majority, Rousseau made a notable return to the political scene by running in the third constituency of Yvelines. This strategic choice aims to challenge outgoing MP Béatrice Piron (Renaissance), and by extension, to confront the current government policy that he helped to shape.

Figure of the left wing of macronism, Aurélien Rousseau, trained enarch and former PCF activist, positions himself as a defender of republican and universalist values. His commitment to the “New Popular Front” is part of a stated desire to build a solid republican front to counter the rise of the extreme right represented by the National Rally.

Rousseau's decision to join this coalition was greeted with enthusiasm by his political and union supporters, praising his political courage and his determination to chart a distinct path within the French political landscape. His campaign promises to be a crucial test for the future of the left, called to reinvent itself in the face of contemporary societal and economic challenges.

In conclusion, the next few weeks will be decisive for Aurélien Rousseau and the “New Popular Front”, as France prepares for legislative elections which could redefine the political balance of the country for years to come.