Did Aurélie Casse leave C à Vous because of tensions with Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine?

13 April 2024 / Interviews

After only four months on the air as a columnist on “C à Vous”, Aurélie Casse made the decision to leave the show last January to devote herself entirely to “C l’hebdo”, also broadcast on France 5 In a recent interview with “Télé 7 Jours”, the journalist, from BFMTV, explained with hindsight the reasons behind this choice.

When she left “C à Vous”, Aurélie Casse expressed the desire to concentrate fully on “C l'hebdo”, a show of which she had taken the reins at the same time. Rumors of tensions between her and Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, the host of “C à Vous”, had circulated, but the journalist had categorically denied them, expressing her gratitude to the show's team.

Now, looking back, Aurélie Casse is convinced that she made the right choice. She feels more at ease and says she was able to bring her own touch to “C l'hebdo”. The audiences also seem to confirm this success, with peaks reaching 1,1 million viewers on Saturdays. Aurélie Casse welcomes the subjects covered, affirming that it is essential to bring new perspectives every week.

Despite the growing success of her show, Aurélie Casse remains humble and does not wish to skip ahead by imitating the journey of other journalists. She prefers to concentrate on the development of “C l'hebdo” and remains open to new challenges in the future, even if the presentation of the news is not part of her immediate projects.

With her commitment to her show and her constant desire to progress, Aurélie Casse seems to be on the path to success, ready to take on new challenges while consolidating her presence on the small screen.