Knife attack in Germany: one of the police officers dies

02 June 2024 / Jerome Goulon

A 29-year-old police officer died of his injuries after being stabbed in the head last Friday during an attack targeting an anti-Islam rally in Mannheim. This news was confirmed this Sunday by the public prosecutor's office in this city located in southwest Germany. Chancellor Olaf Scholz, expressing his deep emotion over X, stressed that the policeman's commitment deserved “the greatest recognition”. Scholz described the attack as "terrorist", carried out by a 25-year-old man from Afghanistan and living in Germany since 2014, who also injured five other people. The German authorities do not exclude an Islamist motivation behind this act.

Police report that the attacker began his assault late Friday morning, attacking several participants in a rally organized by the Pax Europa Citizen Movement (BPE). This political group warns on its site against “the dangers of the influence of Islam in Germany and Europe”.

Videos posted on social networks show a young bearded man, armed with a knife, attacking several people in the center of Mannheim. In these same images, several men try to control the attacker, but without success. The attacker eventually got up and stabbed a police officer who intervened on the scene in the back, before another officer neutralized him by shooting him. This police officer, stabbed several times near the head, died this Sunday, as confirmed by the prosecution.

German police officer who did not survive last Friday's stabbing attack in Mannheim, Germany