Ary Abittan – Jérôme Goulon (editor-in-chief Interview) in TPMP: should justice be done in the media?

04 April 2024 / Jerome Goulon

This Tuesday, Ary Abittan, indicted for rape in 2021, obtained a dismissal from the courts. A relief for the actor, even if the plaintiff's lawyer announced that she would appeal this decision. As a reminder, the young woman who filed the complaint had been in a relationship with Ary Abittan for two years at the time of the events, but accused him of having forced her to engage in sexual activity without her consent.

Although the courts dismissed the case, this case put a damper on the actor's career, the cinema industry having largely turned its back on Ary Abittan since the scandal broke. A good thing for some, an injustice for others.

This case therefore rekindles the debate on a question that comes up a lot as soon as a sexual assault case becomes publicized: should justice be done in the media? Should the latter be more cautious when a sexual scandal breaks out without the courts having yet ruled? This is the question that Jérôme Goulon, editor-in-chief of Entrevue, answered on the set of TPMP (C8), when the scandal surrounding Ary Abittan broke out…

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