Interview Archives: when Matthew Perry spoke to us about his addictions and his fear for his life…

29 October 2023 / Jerome Goulon

The sudden disappearance of Matthew Perry, ex-star of the series Friends, had the effect of a bomb. The 54-year-old actor, found dead in his jacuzzi at his home in Los Angeles, plunges millions of viewers into mourning. Although the precise causes of Matthew Perry's death have not yet been established, we know that the star had experienced numerous alcohol and drug addiction problems, which made him fear for his own life. . Problems that the actor mentioned with us during an interview given to Interviews, in which he told us that he didn't feel out of the woods. Fate tragically proved him right...

Interview: Hello Matthew. Friends brought you fame and above all fortune. What perspective do you have on this period?
Matthew Perry: I have worked extremely hard to have this scandalously wonderful financial situation. I'm lucky enough to no longer have to do anything for money. But that doesn't mean the beautiful scripts flow.

Unlike girls?
I can't even go out on the street anymore! (Laughs) But I have a radar to detect women who are interested. Well, if the girl is hot, I don't care if she's only with me for the fame! (Laughs)

There is a time when a woman appreciates your personality...
Yes. Usually right after I pay for it! (Laughs)

Have you never been a heartthrob?
Never. In fact, for 7 years, I accepted dates with girls simply in order to impress them, by making them laugh constantly.

Until what point ?
To the point where my head almost exploded! (Laughs) And then the day you no longer want to be funny, you get dumped…

And your tactics today?
I'm listening... I've finally come down from my pedestal.

It was in 2001, after your health problems following your addictions, that you decided to change your life?
I was at my lowest, I was afraid for my life (Matthew Perry was addicted to alcohol and drugs, Editor's note.) I gave up on Friends and filming a movie. There are times when you understand that the priority is your life.

Do you feel out of the woods?
No. I don't feel out of the woods. Addictions are a daily life struggle. I won't soon forget how horrible it was. And that's what keeps me going.

Since the end of Friends, how do you spend your free time?
Since I no longer have to be funny every day, I've promised myself I'll become the best tennis player I can be. Fortunately, Jennifer Capriati (his girlfriend at the time and tennis champion, Editor’s note.) Give me a hand!

Do your fans leave you relatively alone?
It's so ridiculous to see these people talking to you for hours when you don't know them! All because I was in their living room every week...