Anne Hidalgo – Entrevue publishes an explosive report on her trip to Tahiti and a damning Ifop survey: 70% of Parisians are unhappy! A survey to be found on January 10!

08 January 2024 / Jerome Goulon

The year 2024 is off to a bad start for Anne Hidalgo. While the mayor of Paris has suffered a barrage of criticism since her re-election in June 2020 and finds herself entangled in the Tahiti Gate, with suspicions of embezzlement of public funds, the new issue ofInterviews, available this Saturday, January 6, devotes a major investigation to this scandal with an exclusive report. Entrevue reporters followed in Anne Hidalgo's footsteps in Tahiti, making the same trip as her and under the same conditions. Did the mayor of Paris go to Polynesia for her daughter's wedding with taxpayer money? Discover all the answers in the new issue of Entrevue, available this week…

An issue in which you can also find an exclusive Ifop survey which confirms the poor opinion that Parisians have of their mayor.

In this (dis)satisfaction survey commissioned from Ifop by the new owner of the magazine, Omar Harfouch, and intended to collect the opinions of Parisians on their municipality and Anne Hidalgo, the respondents, interviewed between the 12th and 18th December 2023, expressed a massive rejection of their mayor and his management of the city.

Thus, 70% of Parisians say they are dissatisfied with Anne Hidalgo, while 62% consider that the work accomplished by the municipality throughout the city since June 2020 is mediocre or bad.

Parisians were also questioned about Anne Hidalgo's trip to Tahiti and the preparation for the Paris 2024 Olympics. And here again, the observation is unrelenting: 81% of Parisians believe that Anne Hidalgo was not transparent enough, while 69% say that the mayor of Paris does not inspire them with confidence.

The entire Ifop survey and the survey on the Tahiti Gate can be found in the new issue ofInterviews, on sale this week.