Amandine Pellissard is doing porn now: her husband fell in love with her sex toys

27 January 2023 / Interviews

Amandine Pellissard, newly converted to pornography, does not hesitate to share with us the details of this exciting new hobby that she shares with her partner. This is why she recently told a rather scandalous story.

Amandine Pellissard and her husband, who distinguished themselves in the show “Large families”, “life in XXL”, decided to embark on a career in porn, and the news caused a lot of discussion. It was an obvious choice. However, many people online have voiced their disapproval of this choice, emphasizing the future they hope for their children.

There is one who does not want to hear that the couple can make a career here, even if he is convinced of it. On the set of “Do not touch My TV" on Thursday January 26, 2023, Cyril Hanouna asked Olivier and Soukdavone Gayat – also quite popular, since their time on the show – on this subject. “So, you've been to Blois and Pellissard is next on your list?", "Oh no ! He's not a Pellissard! » the patriarch of the family gets involved.

Everyone now knows, there is no longer any way to hide it. Amanda Pellissard converts to X a few months later having slammed the door on the show Innumerable Families, My Life in XXL. As a result, she provides erotica on both MYM and Swame.

The group also includes her husband, Alexandre. If he had a certain apprehension at the start, today he seems to take great joy in filming this filthy content with his wife. This incident, posted by Amandine Pellissard on Instagram, is proof of that.

Cheeky assurance by Amandine Pellissard

The former headliner of Large Families, my life in XXL do not hesitate to mention behind the scenes of his reconversion on Instagram, even if the content given by the couple is paid and private. So, she has just admitted that her husband, whom she calls Chabit, did not want to let go a nasty accessory.

She broke down in an adult bookstore and confessed:

As you know, with my Chabit, we like to play little jokes on each other. We like to surprise ourselves and for that, I heard about a rather nice accessory.

The object in question is none other than a “ vibrating egg » What makes this device stand out? He is " remotely controlled by the partner " him. This remote controller that Alexandre Pellissard never lets go of. His wife, in fact, pursues him.

Amandine and Alexandre Pellissard

Whether at the cinema, in the restaurant or in the street, Alexandre knows full well that he is the one in charge everywhere. It's hard to deny that the two wolves have fun together.

The reasons that pushed them to retrain

The Pellissards had to silence many opponents before they could have fun. But it is also clear that they have a large number of supporters. Amandine Pellissard did not hesitate to discuss the reasons which pushed her to retrain for porn during her time on the set of “ Do not touch My TV » on January 19.

“Simply put, it’s supply and demand in action. At the beginning, there is a need. There was a surge of interest on Instagram for a little while, and that was the first thing she had to say.

And to specify:

For several years, we have assumed that we have free sexuality, we have been going to the Cap d'Agde naturist club every year, for years. On the other hand, we are exclusive, we are not swingers.

But it was unthinkable for a wife and mother to embark on this adventure alone. However, I was hesitant to embark on this adventure alone. She told Cyril Hanouna and to its columnists: “No, it’s an adventure that we do together, that we take on. “