Amandine Pelissard pregnant: doing porn didn't stop her from having her 9th child

March 11, 2023 / Interviews

Amandine Pelissard pregnant, she created a buzz on social networks after the publication of a TikTok video showing a pregnancy test in the bathroom in the background. Although the video has been removed from her TikTok account, netizens are wondering if she is pregnant with her ninth child. This buzz sparked many reactions from their fans, with some expressing joy for the couple while others expressed their disapproval for their controversial career choices.

Amandine Pelissard's pregnancy discovered on TikTok and announced on Twitch

Fans ofAmandine and Alexandre Pellissard had suspected for a while that the family was growing. Indeed, a TikTok video of Amandine Pélissard and Alexandre Pelissard having fun in the bathroom was recently published, and in the background, a pregnancy test is clearly visible. The video was quickly deleted from her TikTok account, but that didn't stop netizens from speculating whether she was expecting her ninth child.

The rumor quickly gained momentum, fueled by the numerous comments left by fans on social networks.

The confirmation came when they were invited to the show La BeamTV on Twitch. Although Amandine Pellissard seemed annoyed by her partner's early revelation, Alexandre Pellissard proudly announced that the couple was expecting a child after trying for a long time.

“We tried for a long time and gave up, but we learned a week ago that it finally worked,” Alexandre Pellissard said on the show.

Amandine Pellissard revealed that she had already stopped drinking alcohol, but planned to gradually reduce her cigarette consumption over the next three months.

The couple also announced that they would take a break from their pornographic content production activities to allow Amandine Pellissard to take maternity leave.

The Pellissard family reported by the police

Amandine recently shared a story on social networks that shocked their fans. On Wednesday February 15, Amandine was in Paris with Léna, her daughter, when her husband called her to tell her that the police were at their home. According to her, the police had received an anonymous tip and were investigating the Pellissard family.

Amandine said several women, mainly mothers, had launched a wave of hatred and cyberharassment against her and her family on social media. She believes these women may have been involved in the anonymous reporting.

The police questioned the children following this. However, the children were shocked by the questions asked during their interrogation, such as whether they had ever seen their parents naked or why they were locked in their room.

The police admitted that if Amandine and Alexandre Pellissard were not known, these hearings would never have taken place. Although the procedure required that the children be interviewed, the police announced that they would take no further action because they found nothing incriminating. The children were traumatized by these hearings.

Fans expressed their support for the couple, noting that this online harassment unacceptable. The Pellissards said they will continue to focus on their work and family, despite these unfortunate incidents.