Jean-Pascal Lacoste leaves the show after being called a fossil by Amandine Pelissard

March 08, 2023 / Interviews

This Thursday 2, Amandine Pelissard, candidate for the show “Famille XXL”, and Jean Pascal Lacoste, former candidate for “Star Academy”, recently met on the set of the show “La vie sur Twitch” on TF1 . The exchange between Amandine Pélissard and Jean-Pascal Lacoste rose to a crescendo and quickly took a very tense turn. The two reality TV personalities exchanged harsh words and insults, cutting each other off. Amandine Pélissard notably criticized Jean-Pascal Lacoste for speaking without knowing, while the latter tried to calm things down by calling for more respect and politeness.

Amandine Pelissard and Jean Pascal Lacoste raise the tone

The two television personalities recently met on the set of the show “Life on Twitch” to discuss their differences.

Amandine Pélissard is known to the general public thanks to her appearance in the show “Family large, life in XXL”, broadcast on TF1. With her husband Alexandre, she quickly aroused the interest of viewers and was even entitled to her own show, “Les Pélissard à Saint-Tropez”. However, their collaboration with TF1 ended last October, following disagreements with production.

Amandine Pélissard accused TF1 Production of concealed work and indicated that she intended to file a complaint. She also revealed that her remuneration for her participation in the show was only €30 per day, which was questioned by Jean-Pascal Lacoste.

During their exchange on the set of the show “La vie sur Twitch” on TF1, Jean-Pascal Lacoste expressed his skepticism regarding Amandine Pélissard's statements. He said he has never heard of such a situation in his 21-year career. This remark visibly annoyed Amandine Pélissard, who responded.

But he also annoys me, he tires me, he says stupid things. It's not because you're a TV fossil that everyone knows you.

Jean-Pascal Lacoste used crude terms to express his dissatisfaction, he replied:

« Oh my balls! It's abominable! It's crazy ! I don't give a damn what you do with your ass. You've been doing TV for four years, you still have a way to go.

The tone quickly rose between the two personalities, with tense exchanges and accusations of lying.

Jean-Pascal Lacoste finally left the show for a few minutes, before returning after regaining his calm.

The reconversion of the Pelissard family amidst controversy

Instagram photo of the Pellisard Family

The Pellissard family recently made a surprising decision, far from the image conveyed by the show “Large Families: Life in XXL”. The couple decided to retrain in the porn industry by selling content for paid and adult platforms, and shooting their first professional film. Their choices sparked numerous comments, particularly on the television set and social networks. The couple is regularly questioned about their reconversion and the role of their eight children in this decision.

Amandine Pellissard admitted to having made certain mistakes and decided to increase her vigilance when filming herself:

“I decided to blur the photos when we film our content,”

she declared. The family also expressed their desire to protect their children, despite criticism. Family Pellissard continues to be talked about and does not seem to be immune from new controversies.