Alessandro Bertoldi: “I am very worried, because without dialogue we are heading towards an increasingly global conflict. »

February 14, 2024 / Radouan Kourak

Despite his young age, Alessandro Bertoldi is a consultant recognized in Italy. Politicians, entrepreneurs and international organizations use its services. Founder of the communications and lobbying group AB Group and president of the Milton Institute Friedman, il began his career working alongside Silvia Berlusconi. Il tells us about his journey and his participants' vision of today's world...

Interview: Your political journey began at a very young age, alongside Silvio Berlusconi. What did you like about him?

Alessandro Bertoldi: my generation is nee seeing Silvio Berlusconi, a constant personalityment this in la public life Italian, first of all in so that betweentaker, publisher and founder of more important Italian television group, and as a politician and Preprime minister, who had la more great longevity of our Story republishcaine. In the beginning, when I had 14 years, Berlusconi was for me a charismatic, friendly and honest leader.purred successful, he subsequently also became un point de personal reference: it was la no one who wanted reward merit and defend the freedoms individual in our country, se with as un model liberal of personal success. I was more still passionate about his personality unique which by its policy.

Berlusconi was probably Italy's greatest businessman, but he was also sometimes highly criticized...

Yes. He was much criticized for his peculiar personality, because like all greats, he was great in his many qualities as well as in his few but marked faults.

How has passed your first meeting with he ?

I had the chance to meet him thanks to my friend, Senator Michaela Biancofiore, who was very close to him and who wanted to introduce us. At the time, I was already the head of the center-right students. One weekend in the winter of 2012, she took me to Arcore, past the front doors of her famous villa. I was speechless. The president welcomed us with a big smile. He showed me around his house and once we arrived in the dining room, Berlusconi said to me: “You see Alessandro, this is the famous “Bunga bunga” room! ”, and he laughed. At the time, he had just been accused of hosting numerous parties with escort girls in his house, but as he told me, this accusation turned out to be defamatory and the parties were not nothing more than dinners in which people sang and danced. In the years that followed, I attended several fun dinners, where nothing unusual ever happened. Before leaving, the photographer took our picture, and the president wanted to give me a big hug. A few months later, this photo was published in all Italian newspapers, and at 18 years old, I became, by his decision, the youngest political leader in the history of Italy. Berlusconi honored me with his trust on several occasions, he was welcoming, affectionate and I will never forget that day. His good manners, his intelligence, his vision, his elegance and his generosity towards others were extraordinary qualities, difficult to find in such a rich and powerful man.

How did you live his death ?

I had a very bad experience. It was become a point of reference for all, a father of the country. Je do not have shame à le say, I cried that day and I have feeling un large empty. During his funeral, I felt the love that the people Italian had for him, the great inheritance that this man left behind in the country, and je felt more peaceful.

With the Milton Friedman Institute, you lead today battles for the individual freedoms and economics. What are your goals ?

The Friedman Institute, which I co-founded, is a source of great pride for me. We are present in more than 30 countries around the world, and we fight for common values: economic and individual freedoms. Starting from the defense of Israel's right to exist, to the defense of Ukraine's sovereignty, through the fight for the rights of the Iranian people, those of women, without forgetting, in the West, the battle against the excessive taxation that afflicts our businesses. We also defend the fundamental protection of civil rights. Our goal: to become the largest “house” of liberals in the world.

Looking are... engaged in dialogue to la Peace en Russia, en Ukraine et in the Middle East for ten years. How do you view la current situation ?

Without freedom, il ne can be human development in societies. We we are committed to finding a solution to the conflict between la Russia and Ukraine since 2014, when I proposed the model autonomy of South Tyrol as a solution to the dispute, a model that has arrived à la backgammon of talks à Minsk, which pleased everyone, but which ne unfortunately did not materialize. In the Middle-East, We have toudays paid particular attention to dialogue La battle for la survival of the State of Israel which was fundamental for us, must be doing respect of the two-state solution. We, Italians anticipated the Abrahamic pacts by promoting dialogue between Arab countries and Israel. More now that there are no more leaders like Berlusconi, dialogue is no longer la priority, la War is the “solution” again. Je suis very worried, because without dialogue, we are heading towards an increasingly global conflict.

how the Italian company et europagan are they evolving today?

Sadly, same in the socity, the dialogues are de less in less frequent and the conflictstiplient. We are inclined to less to reflect on. Le main change is lack of interest in the values ​​and the traditions cultural. Without identity Claire, il it's difficult to have benchmarks in la life : democracy, free themtees individuals, meritocracy, the traditions, languages, le respect for rights of others and the enhancement of our cultures are values ​​today trop often neglected.

What is your next goal?

J'aimerais really that our network of professionals and liberals can solve some Conflicts, be mediatear to be able to find of peaceful solutions somewhere in le world. Ce result is a concrete dream and would be my greatest personal satisfactionin for me and for our group of friends committed to peace and le dialogue. There is no nothing more important today than being protagonists and defenders of la peace.