NEWS ALERT: Jordan Bardella will not be a candidate for the legislative elections

10 June 2024 / Jerome Goulon

Arriving at the top of the European elections with 31,4% of the votes, far ahead of that of the presidential majority (14,6%), the list led by Jordan Bardella created an earthquake in French political life. President Emmanuel Macron has indeed decided to dissolve the National Assembly after its bitter failure.

The legislative elections will take place on June 30 and July 7, but as the RN spokesperson for the European elections, Laure Lavalette, has just announced on Sud Radio, Jordan Bardella will not run in the legislative elections, and will not run for office. therefore not a deputy position.

A decision which is not really a surprise. While Marine Le Pen announced Sunday evening that the RN was ready to take power if the French decided to do so, the hypothesis of seeing Jordan Bardella access Matignon to replace Gabriel Attal, the current Prime Minister, is on everyone's minds. lips.

The score of the RN, which came first in 94% of the municipalities during the European elections, will therefore be decisive, and will depend on the different alliances (or not) on the right and on the left, which will greatly influence the new political map in the Assembly...

Watch Laure Lavalette, spokesperson for the RN in the European elections, announce this morning to Jean-Jacques Bourdin, on Sud Radio, that Jordan Bardella will not be a candidate in the legislative elections