“Ah the jester! » Cyril Hanouna insults François Hollande live (video)

09 September 2016 / Jerome Goulon

Upon learning that the head of state had more followers than him on Twitter, the host of Do not touch My TV let out a small insult before apologizing.


This Thursday, September 8, in Do not touch My TV, Christophe Carrière returned to the words of Laurent Ruquier in Paris Match, the host of France 2 comparing Twitter to “ fachosphere ». In his rant, Cyril Hanouna's columnist explained that it was impossible to make such a speech when you were followed by more than 600 subscribers: “ He has 647 subscribers, that's not 000 fascists! You (Cyril Hanouna) have 647 million, you will soon catch up with François Hollande. »

That was all it took for Cyril Hanouna to ask “ How many does François Hollande have? » Christophe Carrière's response has no more to the C8 troublemaker who blurted out " Ah the jester! » before apologizing and causing hilarity on set.

Entrevue invites you to discover the sequence.