Adrien Quatennens, LFI candidate but without the support of the New Popular Front

15 June 2024 / Interviews

Adrien Quatennens, outgoing deputy of La France insoumise (LFI) in the North, announced his candidacy for his own succession in the early legislative elections of June 2024. However, unlike other LFI candidates, he will not benefit from the nomination of the New Popular Front, an alliance recently formed between LFI, the Socialist Party, and the Ecologists.

Sentenced in December 2022 for domestic violence against his ex-partner, Quatennens remains a controversial figure within the left. Despite this condemnation, LFI chose to support him, while the other members of the New Popular Front, notably the Socialist Party and The Ecologists, refused to support him. They nevertheless agreed not to present a candidate against him to avoid dividing the left-wing vote in his constituency.

In a lengthy statement posted on Twitter, Quatennens highlighted his past successes, including mobilizing voters in the European elections, and expressed his commitment to continuing to fight the far right and the policies of President Macron. He also acknowledged his past mistakes and called for general mobilization for the upcoming elections.

Quatennens' candidacy, despite the absence of support from the New Popular Front, reflects internal tensions within the left, in particular in the context of the "purges" of rebellious outgoing deputies.