Accusations of rape: Cauet responds to NRJ in a press release

29 May 2024 / Jerome Goulon

While Cauet was indicted for rape and sexual assault on a minor on May 24, with the obligation to pay a bail of 100 euros and to undergo treatment, as well as the ban on doing radio, the The presenter responded this afternoon to NRJ, which had deprived him of the air in a press release.

The press release is carried by Maître Frédéric Lamoureux, lawyer for Sébastien Cauet:

« It is mentioned in various media a proposal that NRJ would have made to Sébastien Cauet, in order to preserve the employment of his team, a proposal which he would have refused.

This is in no way reality. 

If this had been the case Sébastien Cauet would have favored this possibility rather than going to the commercial court.

Sébastien Cauet, as soon as the show C'CAUET was suspended by NRJ on November 22, proposed to NRJ that the show could be done temporarily without his presence with the sole aim of protecting his team within his company Be Aware.

Discussions with NRJ never led to a proposal to achieve this objective. »