Rape accusations: Ary Abittan gets dismissal of charges. The plaintiff appeals

03 April 2024 / Jerome Goulon

Indicted for rape in 2021, Ary Abittan obtained a dismissal from the investigating judges this Tuesday evening. The actor, known for his role in What have we done to the good Lord?, was accused by a young woman, aged 23 at the time of the facts, of having imposed on him a sexual practice that she did not want during an evening at the actor's home, on October 30, 2001.

As a reminder, the complainant had been seeing Ary Abittan for two years at the time of the facts. During the procedure, the young woman had described the actor as someone “obsessed” with the practice of sodomy, which she refused to do, but which, according to her, the actor would have forced her to practice. .

Following the dismissal pronounced by the courts, the accused's lawyer, Caroline Toby, said she was "delighted", declaring "I hope that he will finally be able to devote himself to his career and that the cinema will tend to him hand again", then adding: "This dismissal order comes at the end of an investigation carried out by two investigating judges. There were numerous hearings, expert opinions, interrogations. Nothing has been left out. »

For her part, Maître Charlotte Plantin, lawyer for the plaintiff, announced that she would appeal the dismissal of the case.