50 years: David's lovely gift to Victoria Beckham

17 April 2024 / Interviews

Beckham class. David never misses an opportunity to rekindle the flame. The English businessman knows how to do it. On the occasion of his wife, Victoria's 50th birthday, he posted a instagram video mixing love, humor and hope for the future.

This souvenir video offers us childhood photos, family moments, TV promo clips and stage performances. Family first : with the highlighting of their four children, Brooklyn (25 years old), Romeo (22 years old), Cruz (19 years old) and Harper (13 years old).

« Happy birthday to my beautiful wife. As you celebrate this birthday, you should look back and be proud of what you have accomplished, achieved and built: “Posh Spice”, a businesswoman and of course, the wife of the England captain », smiles David, to the music of the Bee Gees, “More than a Woman”. Love, self-deprecation and nostalgia for all fans.

« But your greatest success is your children. You guide them, you love them, you educate them… They love you beyond words, we all love you so much », Adds David on this very special day. A very special April 17, 2024. Their video editing teams made it big.

« Theset the start of a new chapter exciting. Family is life, I would never have had what I had without my wonderful husband, my children and my parents. » These are the first words of Victoria Beckham, the ex-Spice Girls, now in her fifties, Our Instagram - this Wednesday morning.

The stylist also wanted to recall this week her ambition to “ empowering women and allowing them to feel like the best version of themselves ».

His posts quickly generated hundreds of thousands of comments. Eva Longoria, Phil Neville, Veronika Loubry, Phil Neville and more did not fail to publicly wish him a happy birthday.